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Pure Wool Colorful Kani Shawl

Pure Wool Colorful Kani Shawl

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A stunning pashmina stole in black color base, enriched with bright colored woven flowers and paisleys. A showstopper shawl that emits an aura of royalty. Wear on top of traditional attire or party dress, it will make your dress more beautiful.

The photos are an estimate of the actual colors and patterns but are more accurate than this description.

Dry Clean Only. Size: 31 X 84 Inches

Composition : 100% Kashmir Pashmina Cashmere 

Made out of superior Kaani weaving, this shawl is the epitome of inexplicable softness and warmth. You have to try it on to feel the beautiful fabric. 

Pair these shawls with your favorite suits, Kurtis, coats, jackets or experiment with anything in your wardrobe. You can also use it as a scarf or a stole. 

About Kani shawls & stoles

The remarkable kani pashmina shawl is the best of pashmina that you can ever buy. Made from wooden needles on a traditional handloom, it has a distinguishable, Mughal pattern that is woven into the fabric. Every shawl has knots. These are made as per a set design and only the trained craftsmen are knowledgeable enough to do it the right way. 

Kani shawl is an extraordinary expression of art. It is handwoven using several eyeless wood sticks called Kanis or Tujis. These shawls feature intricate weft weaving in their making. 

An artisan is capable of weaving one inch a day at the most. But it depends on the complexity and labyrinth patterns of the design that are to be woven. Some Kani shawls take anywhere between 3 to 36 months to complete. 

Kani shawl is woven like a carpet. A veil of warp threads in front of the weaver must be intruded with wefts. These wefts are colorful threads wound around bobbins. Around 75 to 100 bobbins are in use at a time to weave a Kani shawl with an overall design.

The process is a very complicated one and starts with the design. But unlike other shawls where design is imprinted or stamped over the shawl itself, here the design is written in a code, called ‘Talim’, on a graph paper. 

The coded pattern is prepared by the Talimguru. He is an expert in converting the design to codes, easily understood by weavers. Next process is the making of warp by a warp maker. 

Several colorful bobbins are arranged as per the design requirement. Weaving starts with the help of talim. As soon as a different color is required in the design, two bobbins are joined together, and the process is continued till the shawl is complete.

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