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Zari Pashmina Reversible Shawls - Creme

Zari Pashmina Reversible Shawls - Creme

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Flourish a stylish as well as elegant look with a premium range of Fine wool Zari Reversible Shawls wraps. The range is designed in the shades of Scarlet, Coral Pink, Green, Ivory with Gold Lurex on the reverse side. You can style these Zari reversible shawls wraps with your ethnic as well as casual attire. 

  • Crafted by the hands of Indian weavers.
  • Made from the finest quality of yarn.
  • A soft and durable fabric made from Wool and Wool Blends to keep you warm.
  • Trendy color makes it pliable for various dress styles and colors.
  • Wear it in any style you like, around the neck, over the neck, wrap profusely on your waist, or just put trendily on your shoulders.
  • Dry Clean Recommended. 

Dimension: 112×225 cm
Composition: 75% Fine wool 25% Lurex
Techniques: Woven
Pattern: Reversible
Wash Care: Dry Clean Only

The aristocratic women of ancient Europe used to handpick some Pashmina shawls which fascinated them more than the others. The Zareen shawl is one of that sort, which has been handwoven in a Do Rukha or reversible pattern. Hand embroidered in Zari embroidery, the shawl looks immensely elegant on formal occasions and weddings. Give this to your special ones as the most lavish gift or hold your head up high while draping it around your shoulders.

What is the Do Rukha?

A Do Rukha has a unique pattern. It consists of two different colours on either side of a shawl, which is made possible during the weaving process.

Process: Threads of two different colours are woven together, in such a pattern that the top layer uses one colour and the bottom layer a different one. What comes into existence is a shawl of two shades and each one is more alluring than the other. It is up to the design of the shawl if it uses two different shades of the same colour, or two completely different colours for the two sides.

Zari Reversible Shawls

To make the Do-Rukha shawl less casual and more partywear, some craftsmen use the Zari thread on one side to make it more shimmery. This pattern of Pashmina shawls uses a Zari thread in the handloom itself. So it is the warps and wefts of Pashm and a shimmery thread of the Zari which are all interwoven together to prepare a Zari weave Pashmina shawl, which again, looks stunning on both sides.

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